Goldrush Apple


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GoldRush is a modern disease-resistant apple, equally suitable for commercial growers or gardeners and home orchardists. It is widely recognized as one of the best of all modern apples, both in terms of its flavor and its growth characteristics.

Goldrush apple is crisp and juicy, with a complex, spicy, hint pineapple with sweet-tart flavor that mellows over time.

Goldrush apple tree is a late season ripening apple, medium, round to conical, golden yellow with an orange-red blush.

The Goldrush apple is an all purpose fruit enjoyed fresh, pressed for cider, and chopped in salads, since it’s slow to brown.

GoldRush has rapidly become popular for hard cider and sweet cider production; it is a juicy apple, and the juice is also very characterful, with an intense rich tangy sweetness which makes a great addition to cider blends.

Great selection for organic growers since the trees are very disease resistant and almost foolproof to grow. Goldrush’s parentage is a handful of classic apples; Golden Delicious, Melrose, Rome Beauty, Siberian Crab and Winesap.

Rootstock: BUD 1118

Mature Height 12-15 feet with a 12-15 foot spread

Very Limited quantity available.  Order limit 2 per person, please.