Duchess of Oldenburg Apple


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Duchess of Oldenburg ( also called Duchess)  is a very attractive early-season apple, originating from Russia in the early 18th century. Vigorous, easy-to-grow tree bears crops of medium to large fruit for fresh-eating, baking, and sauces. Fruit features red-orange stripes over pale-yellow skin and a creamy flesh.

Its flesh is firm, aromatic, crisp and juicy and has an intense cream color that gives purees an orange tint. The apples are of medium to large size, with a sub-acid taste, making this apple an excellent choice to eat fresh or use in cooking. A multi-purpose apple, with a prominent tart taste, it can be used for desserts, making pies or apple sauce.

Rootstock M7 and M111

Mature height 12-15 feet with a 12-15 foot spread

Pollinators: CrimsonCrisp, Newtown Pippin, Spitzenburg

Very limited quantity available

M7 and M11 Rootstock