Our Mission:

To promote and practice stewardship of our natural resources by serving, educating and empowering our community.

The Ingham Conservation District (ICD) is a local unit of state government under provisions of Act 297, P.A. 1937 as amended.  In 1994 the Conservation District Law was made part of the Compiled Environmental Code.  It is now Part 93 of Act 451 of 1994, as amended.  The ICD is governed by a locally elected, five-member board of directors responsible for making decisions regarding District programs and activities.



Board of Directors

The ICD is guided by a 5-member Board of Directors.  All Board Members must be residents of Ingham County and have a passion for natural resource conservation.  Board members help guide the Ingham Conservation District in its mission to educate and empower county residents for natural resource stewardship.  Membership involves attending monthly board meetings, special events and sharing your expertise and passion with the District.  

Not sure if you’re ready to become a full Board Member? Consider becoming an Associate Board Member.  Associates are active, but non-voting members.  This can be a great first step to see if the ICD Board is a good fit for you.  Contact our office at (517) 676-2290 for more information.

Our Board Members

Peter Vincent


Peter Malinski


Tim Carr



Board Member

Charlie Martin

Board Member

Rebecca Malinski

Associate Board member

Holly Taylor

Associate Board member

Our Staff

Michelle Beloskur

Executive Director


517.676.2290 ext 3

Kate Katje

Business Manager


517.676.2290 ext 1

Alex Farha

CTAI Program Assistant



Alyssa Wethington



517.676.5543 ext 2